Membership Information


Having access to the information you need in today's business environment. To keep you up-to-date with the changes and opportunities in the multi-family industry.

  • Membership Directory

    The Apartment Association of the Panhandle maintains an up-to-date membership list. All members in good standing may request this list, as a PDF or Excel document via email.

  • Newsletter

    The Apartment Association of the Panhandle publishes "The Habitat" digitally each Week. This newsletter helps keep you informed of upcoming events, new services being offered, education program opportunities, as well as legislative and legal information pertaining to our industry.‚Äč

  • Magazines

    Through our affiliation with the Texas Apartment Association and the National Apartment Association, our members receive a subscription to both the Texas Apartment Association's "Texas Apartments" and National Apartment Association's "Units" magazines.

  • TAA Redbook

    The Texas Apartment Association's Redbook is an indispensable legal reference for rental property owners, management executives, property supervisors and on site personnel. The Texas Apartment Association Redbook contains the actual text of applicable state and federal laws that affect rental housing. The Redbook includes detailed explanations and commentary on the law by Larry Niemann, Attorney-at-Law. The Redbook is designed by Mr. Niemann to save you legal fees and time by answering the most common legal questions about rental property ownership and management. It is published every other year following the conclusion of the Texas Legislature session.

  • Leases and Forms

    Membership allows legal use of copyrighted Texas Apartment Association (TAA) leasing and management forms for both multi-family and residential housing. These forms are available to members only and outline in an easy to understand format, the tenant's rights and obligations. Forms are updated regularly to include all legislative changes. The following is a sample of forms available at a minimal cost: rental applications, lease contracts, lease renewals, lease guarantee forms, inventory and condition forms, animal addendum, lead hazard, mold, asbestos forms, intent to move out notice, supplemental applications, and more.


The Apartment Association of the Panhandle provides a networking atmosphere by providing Product Service Members direct access to prospects in the rental housing industry. We also have monthly meetings and/or events encouraging one-on-one relationships with owners and management members who constitute your target audience.

  • General Membership Luncheon

    The general membership meets 6 times throughout the year for a luncheon and gives the Product Service Members, owners, managers, and maintenance technicians and management the opportunity to network. The meeting also provides valuable education for our members by utilizing a speaker who focuses on topics that affect our industry.

  • The Independent Rental Owners Committee

    This committee is comprised of owner members of residential rental housing as well as multi-family owners with fewer units. This committee offers education programs that address the special needs of the independent rental owner.

  • Committees

    The Apartment Association of the Panhandle has six (6) each with sub committees dedicated to enhancing the industry and providing volunteers with leadership opportunities.

  • Sponsorship Opportunities

    Product Service Members are encouraged to sponsor and co-sponsor events, as well as purchase Sponsorship Packages, which include additional advertising for your company. Please contact the local office at (806) 355-6391 for a list of packages and available sponsorships.