Vendor (PSC) Benefits of Membership

Have you been using the networking opportunities provided to you by the association? Did you know…

Your company may provide articles to be printed in the Habitat Newsletter that goes out to all members? You get great business visibility with this one!

You may pass out product or company information, business cards, flyers, or other promotional items at every General Membership Luncheon, if you are a member?

You can stand at the “Meet ‘N’ Greet Table at the General Membership Luncheons and display your brochures, cards, etc and shake hands with every visitor to our luncheon?

You could be a membership greeter at a luncheon and welcome guests upon their arrival?

You know you have the opportunity to network with other owner, manager and
Maintenance members when you are involved on a committee?

You know you could network by having a team in our annual golf tournament or bowling tournaments? We have a wide variety of members involved in both of these events.

You know that you can provide door prizes for giveaways at the general membership meetings for recognition?

You could serve on the PSC (Product Service—Vendor Committee) and provide your input on creating new ways to encourage owner and vendor relationships?

You can purchase a sponsorship package that gets your name and/or logo recognition at every luncheon and event of the association? And, that all packages include a tradeshow booth in our annual show as well as the ability to pay the package out on a quarterly basis?

WOW……..look at all the opportunities!

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